Mediatia de Luna Plina Wesak/ Full Moon Wesak Meditation
Organizator: Romanian Pranic Healing
Tip eveniment: seminar
Data: 18-05-2019 18:00
Durata: 2 ore
Locatie: Bucharest
Mediatia de Luna Plina Wesak/ Full Moon Wesak Meditation
On May 18th, the Romanian Pranic Healing Community will be meeting at the Soma Holistic Center to do a very special meditation together, in the energy of the Wesak Full Moon. This is the most powerful full moon of the year, with an incredible healing energy.

We will be connecting online with the Pranic Healing Academy in Rome, led by Francesca Angrisano, a direct disciple of Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing.

The Full Moon Wesak Meditation will be guided by Francesca Angrisano. We will share and catalyze the sacred energy and blessings of this full moon, which has the power to connect us more easily to the divine energy. The seeds of our intentions, planted during the meditation, have the potential of rapid materialization.

Before the meditation, we will be doing a few guided physical exercises. You may bring a water bottle to be blessed. Flowers and food can be blessed as well.

Suggested donation to cover costs of the room: 10 RON

Pe 18 mai la ora 19:00 vom face impreuna o meditatie speciala, in energia lunii pline Wesak, cea mai puternica luna plina a anului, care are cea mai puternica energie de vindecare.

Ne vom conecta online cu comunitatea din cadrul Academiei Pranic Healing Roma, condusa de Francesca Angrisano, discipol direct al Maestrului Choa Kok Sui.
Meditatia Lunii Pline Wesak va fi ghidata de Francesca Angrisano. Vom impartasi energia sacra si binecuvantarile accestei luni pline, care ne conecteaza mai usor si mai direct la energia divina. Semintele intentiilor noastre, plantate in timpul acestei meditatii, au o putere de materializare extraordinara.

Inainte de meditatie, vom face cateva exercitii fizice ghidate.
Puteti aduce cate o sticla de apa care va fi binecuvantata. Se pot binecuvanta si flori (in special irisi) si alimente.

Donatie propusa: 10 RON pentru acoperirea costului salii
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