Mystery - beauty of being
Organizator: Sprouts of Light
Tip eveniment: workshop
Data: 18-01-2019 18:30
Durata: 3 ore
Locatie: Brasov
Mystery - beauty of being
From ancient times, people were deeply connected to the nature. So deep, and so connected as they functioned as part of the nature, not apart of it. Being one with everything, allowed them the access to the Universal Mind of Knowledge, of All That Is and will ever be.

At a chemical level the physical bodies are not very different then the ones of the stars. Our neuronal pathways create links that look exactly as the Universe.

What if the Universe, its mystery and greatness, is not light-years away, but close as a blink of an eye, of a decision, to stop looking outside for the answers, but inwards to the Self nature?

If you feel this is for you, and the timing is right, you are invited to enter the Mystery, to re-discover and re-connect to the beauty of Being. Through ancient invocations, living active prayer, we clear and allow healing and transformational processes to take place, deeper as the cellular level, and even more.

The time has come to step into the Beauty of Being.

We open the sacred space on 18th of January at 6.30 pm.
Duration about: 2 hours.
The workshop will be hold in English, if there are foreigners that attend the event.
For a better organizing, you are kindly ask to confirm your participation through a private message or e-mail at: .
Cost: 88 lei for Romanian residents. Foreigners: 30 euro.

Andreea Cristina Chis (”Pâna - Creative Woman”, as the Shipibo Indians called her, or ”Star Child”) is messenger of peace, light and love.
She participated in different shamanic ceremonies both in the Sun Bear heritage, but also in the Shipibo tradition of the South America. She took part at two camps of consciousness expansion in Peru. There she received initiations, activation, tuning and balancing on the DNA facets, directly from the Spirit and Mother Earth, in her sacred places.
Is an All Love - SKHM teacher, directly initiated by Patrick Zeigler. She studied together with the shamans of the Amazonian rain forest, and learned from the plant masters, in Ayahuasca ceremonies. She studied and received different initiations in different systems. She collaborates with different light workers from Romania and abroad. Among them Ger Lyons, teacher, mystic & healer from Ireland, added a gentle, but strong touch to the works she is doing.
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