Retreat cu medicina Amazonica

Organizator: La Șezătoare
Tip eveniment: seminar
Data: 12-09-2019 16:00
Durata: 3 zile
Locatie: Miercurea-Ciuc
Retreat cu medicina Amazonica
Amazonian medicine retreat involves many plants and raisins, poison from Sapo kambo, food diets and ceremonies in order to detox, clean heal and rise the vibration of body cells and more clarity for the mind.
Our proposal is one week of diet and 3 times Sapo Kambo ceremonies and other plants used in ceremonies for detox.

Sapo Kambo is a traditional medicine used by many of the tribes of the Amazon rainforest. A poison, Kambo is collected from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog. Like all of nature, the Kambo frog is revered by the tribes so it is returned to the jungle unharmed after the collection.

Many have described their Kambo experiences as a genuine rebirth, like walking through a portal after which they were never the same again. Post Kambo some people have realized their unrealized dreams and found ways to fulfill their heart’s desires. Kambo helped them to reignite their courage and to acknowledge themselves on a deeper level, letting go of that which was holding them back and allowing them to embrace their highest happiness.

( More details in section "Discutions")

Others medicine : Mapacho, Rapé , Sananga and others.

The hole period you will be served with vegan and rawvegan food, no gluten as well. Food diet is free of sugar, oils and fats, salt.
The food is suplimented with sooper foods like guarana, maca and green powders.
You can check food schedule on discusions.
The ritual will take place in the nature, at a nce cabana as we would like to offer privacy and recinection with nature in the regard that the people has to be quiet during the diet, isolated from each other, we find the best way to sleep in tents. If other options like cabans are more atractive to you we are open to discuss it.

The diet consists in two different modules, as you can choose your medicine. Ask more details in PM.

Please check also info at Discussion section.

For details pls PM.
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