Shamanic Soundscape Journey - In the Land of Eros

Organizator: Visul Libelulei
Tip eveniment: seminar
Data: 21-02-2020 18:30
Durata: 3 ore
Locatie: Bucharest
Shamanic Soundscape Journey - In the Land of Eros
Welcome to the second Shamanic Soundscape Journey of 2020!

In the month of February the celebration of the the archetype of romantic Love is accompanied by Cupid or Eros, so we invite you to journey with us using fascinating musical instruments and discovering how Love and partnership really look like deep down inside.

We will travel in the Land of Eros, asking for guidance and help regarding our ideal partner and our own needs for manifesting the most appropriate couple for this time of our lives. The Land of Eros is located in the Upper Shamanic Realms and has a beautiful, uplifting frequency. Its effect on our mind and bodies will be a very pleasant one.

The journey is perfect for both single persons and couples, Eros knows exactly how and what to show to each of us, so join in with your lover, your friend or by yourself!

The shamanic soundscape journey induces a state of trance and contemplation which facilitates gentle paths towards our subconscious mind, helping us relax deeply and travel through the realms of our imagination. In this journey you can gain clarity about steps that need to be taken in the next period or about things you need to let go of. Also, a sense of deep play is nurtured through the sound journey, inviting you to take life less seriously and more as a game.

Shamanic artist:
Flavia Cioceanu will guide the journey using the shamanic drum, her voice, the Lyre and the magical power of intuition. Deeply rooted in the traditions of the peoples that most connect with nature, Flavia's calling for shamanic work has been open and going on since 2016, gaining new dimensions and stability in 2019 and 2020. Shamanic journeying works with archetypes and symbols that are born in the psyche from each person's life path, unlocking new levels of awareness and releasing patterns of suffering.

Soundscape artists:
Bogdana Dima is a multi-talented musician who enjoys making soundscapes (the audio version of landscapes) from molecules of sounds brought by various instruments from different cultures (violin, keyboards, persian santur, saxophone, tank drum and others). This way, through sound and music new worlds are born and accessed with the guidance of Bogdana, according to the coordinates of the moment and of the people involved.

Muhdaj Kinsioto
Muhdaj is a music traveller who mixes modern sound technology (looper, synthesizer) with tribal and folkloric instruments (djembe, flutes) and also his voice, into a playful way of approaching music. Humor, good spirit, improvisation and tension relief are some of the goals of Muhdaj when he is expressing himself through music.

The Shamanic Soundscape Journeys are meant to be a series of events happening throughout 2020, marking different time passages and gathering together spectacular alternative music artists! Keep connected and join us for the journeys of 2020!

The event will take place at the Sound Healing Center attic (Obor area) on the 21st of February, from 18:30 until 21:30.

The recommended artists' contribution is 70 RON.

Looking forward to experiencing the Land of Eros together!
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