The silent wow

Organizator: Rune Heivang
Tip eveniment: seminar
Data: 18-10-2019 17:00
Durata: 1 zi si 23 ore
Locatie: Bulevardul Nicolae Balcescu, Bucuresti, Romania
The silent wow
The true Celebration of Life!
The true Celebration of mind and body
The true Celebration of flow, clarity and joy
The true Celebration of Love!

Long time ago we discovered an ancient secret to get what we really wanted in life. We even called this The Real Secret. It was the discovery of the flow which is a natural state of all humans. This flow has been called by many names.

One of them is enlightenment.

When this real flow is found, we realize that it is not a coming and going state, but a stateless state which is constant. If we cultivate our friendship with this source of flow and get to know it, we will realize it is forever.

In this weekend retreat, we will give you access to your awakening, to the discovery and the experience of your inner place of eternal Silence and flow. We will show you extraordinary methods to do so.

When we meet in Silence you will very soon experience the true effect of Silence; I call it THE SILENT WOW.

In the beginning we may believe that when we meet silence we experience a state, but truly, it is the forever stateless state of Silence that start to reveal itself. Now the vibrating bliss becomes silent quiet shining bliss. Now you can bring this “state” (also called the deep sleep state awake or Sahaja Samadhi) into the conscious waking state. The stateless state is without wishes for other states. Here you learn to live spontaneously in the answer to all your dreams and you will realize that who you really are is the greatest manifestation there is.

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